Formulating, Developing & Manufacturing

Manufacturing Facilities 

Our manufacturing facilities operate high grade, purpose built vessels equipped with stainless steel agitators and mixers. The water purification system is of particularly high specification and has been tailor made by a specialist treatment company, the system includes a reverse osmosis plant and U.V. treatment. This delivers complete purification that the conductivity meter consistently records a zero reading.


Toxicology Testing

We provide a trust and honest service whereby all our products are tested by independent toxicologists. All products are provided with MSDS sheets.



Cosmetic Bases have used many different preservation systems over the years but

have come to the conclusion that two different types are necessary.  One for

the surfactant products (foam baths etc) and one for emulsions and gels, in

some cases we feel that is has actually improved the consistency and finish

of the bases.


Realistic Pricing

We operate in a competitive industry and we have priced our products

accordingly. We are able to offer the service of manufacturing and contract

packaging from one company, saving on logistical costs and simplifying

delivery dates and timing aspects of production.


Consistent Output

Cosmetic Bases carefully select each ingredient and formulate every product to deliver

a consistently high quality output, be it with additional agents of essential

oils, fragrances, tinctures or vegetable oils.