Our Products

Natural and Nourishing

Cosmetic Bases carefully select each ingredient and formulate every product to deliver a consistently high quality output, be it with additional agents of essential oils, fragrances, tinctures or vegetable oils. Our traditional and natural body products are created from plant-based ingredients, simple and safe. To nourish the skin, hydrate and gently sooth. We offer a full range of cosmetic bases including creams, lotions, gels, oils, masks, serums, butters, shampoos and conditioners. 


  • Moisturising creams 
  • Moisturising lotions
  • Body gels
  • Sea buckthorn body-care
  • Body oils
  • Seaweed body gel
  • Body and face masks



  • Moisturising creams 
  • Facial gels
  • Sea Buckthorn facial cleansers
  • Serums lipid and aqueous
  • Sea Buckthorn facial serums
  • Oat and argan facial care
  • Butter masks
  • Clay and witch hazel cleansers



  • Award winning oat and argan shampoo
  • Award winning oat & argan conditioner
  • Sea buckthorn hair care


Client Base


The quality of our output is demonstrated by the calibre of our customer base. Products manufactured by Cosmetic Bases have been accepted for sale by Harrods, Fortnum & Mason, Harvey Nicols, John Lewis, Selfridges, Kendals, Barkers of Kensington, Neiman & Marcus, Le Bon Marche, House of Fraser, Peter Jones and other prestigious stores.